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Revenue issue new guidelines for SME’s claiming R and D Tax Credits (Revenue E Brief from 17/2/2017)

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R&D tax credit claims in respect of projects supported by Enterprise Ireland R&D grants

The definitions of R&D (Research and Development) used for the purposes of the R&D tax credit and both the IDA’s and Enterprise Ireland’s R&D grants are all based on the OECD’s Frascati manual.

Therefore, with a view to minimising the need to engage experts to verify the science test in R&D tax credit claims, it has been decided that Revenue would not, as a rule, seek to challenge a claim for the R&D tax credit under the science test, where:

  • an IDA / Enterprise Ireland R&D grant has been approved in respect of the project;
  • the R&D tax credit claimed for an accounting period (of not less than 12 months) is €50,000 or less;
  • the project is undertaken in a prescribed field of science or technology, as defined in regulations S.I. No. 434 of 2004, and
  • the company is a micro or small sized enterprise.

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The First Dublin City University Pharmaceutical Regulatory Symposium March 15th

DCU is working in partnership with the European Directorate of the Quality of Medicines and Healthcare (EDQM) in Strasbourg to host an event focused on  regulatory aspects of active substance manufacturing.

The event aims to provide attendees with discussion and analysis on the current “hot topics” in active substance regulation (risk management, definition of starting materials, elemental impurities, mutagenic impurities) . The theme for the Symposium is:

“Using process knowledge and Risk Management Tools to build an effective control strategy for drug substance manufacture”

The topics will be presented by regulatory experts in each relevant field from the EDQM and the HPRA.

The event itself will be chaired by Dr. Michael Morris (former HPRA / Former Chair of the European Pharmacopoeia Commission).

Further details, including the Agenda, can be found at the following link:

If you would like to find out more about the event, please do not hesitate to contact

Dr. Kieran Nolan – Head of School of Chemical Sciences DCU – 01-7005913

Ciaran Feeney – EDQM – 0033 (0)6 12 15 85 02


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