Enterprise Ireland’s Innovation Voucher launch

Enterprise Ireland’s Innovation Voucher launch

Category : Innovation

2017’s last open call for Enterprise Ireland’s Innovation Vouchers began on September 6th and will Close on September 20th . If you are an SME and are interested in exploring some new, innovative opportunities for your company and feel that access to researchers at our third level Institutes opportunity or problem with a registered knowledge provider. Typically these vouchers are valid for 12
months and can be redeemed at one of the 38 registered centres that provide leading academic expertise (ROI and NI).

Some examples of the areas that these vouchers can be used for include:
 new product/process development
 new business model development
 new service delivery and customer interface
 new service development
 tailored training in innovation management
 innovation/technology audit

For more information see https://www.enterprise-ireland.com/en/research-innovation/companies/collaborate-with-companies-research-institutes/innovation-voucher.shortcut.html

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