Happy Scribe!

Happy Scribe!

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An excellent product – simple and easy to use, it’s not very often that an assignment in college can lead to a successful commercial product, but for 2 students André Bastié (DCU) and Marc Assens (Polytechnic University of Catalonia) the need to transcribe 12 interviews for an academic Research project on Social Entrepreneurship has led to just that. They developed Scribe, an on-line transcription service, which has helped over 4000 researchers and journalists easily transcribe interviews. The Service is an automatic transcribing tool that helps you to save time you upload your file and get your automatic transcription directly in your mailbox in less than 30 minutes at a cost of €0.09 per minute of audiofile.

So how useful is the product? I tested it out recently with a 17 minute technical interview in the area of Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance. This was quite a challenge for the tool as the topic was a very technical one – the results were not perfect; the transcription of the abbreviation QbD (Quality by Design) as potato made me smile but was easily remedied in the editable script that was sent back to
me in under 30 minutes. If like me your ability to transcribe interviews is limited – then this may just be the product for you. The cost point it is pitched would certainly make it worth a trial.

For more Information, please click here https://www.happyscribe.co/#team


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