November Newsletter (Part 2)

November Newsletter (Part 2)

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Ireland will join ESO in 2018 after hard-fought campaign
Positive news for Ireland’s developing astro-science sector with news that allocated capital for innovation in Budget 2018 will allow us to finally join the European Southern Observatory (ESO). This move will allow Irish companies to bid for ESO contracts and will be welcomed by researchers and companies in areas such as data analytics, photonics, imaging, detectors, computing and microelectronics. Commenting on the announcement the policy adviser for the Institute of Physics in Ireland, Dr Sheila Gilheany, said: “Ireland’s membership of ESO will now allow physicists here to work with other cutting-edge scientists worldwide to understand our universe, and bring the fruit of that research back to Ireland to support education and develop our business capacity in many high-tech fields. Astrophysics, in particular, is a key driver of science interest and innovation. To support this, Irish scientists and engineers need access to the best research facilities, and this access brings with it the benefits of spin-off technology, contracts and jobs.”

Invitation to NIBRT’s Annual Research Day

NIBRT’s annual research day will take place on Friday Nov 24th 2017. The event will provide the opportunity to hear the latest developments in cutting edge research from NIBRT scientists and their collaborators.

The event is free to attend but spaces are limited and registration is necessary at

The event will include Poster Session, Industry Case Studies, tours of NIBRT including the new GE Single Use Centre of Excellence and the ThermoFisher bioanalytical characterization lab.

2018 US-Ireland Research Innovation Awards – call for nominations
The US-Ireland Research Innovation Awards are a joint initiative of the Royal Irish Academy and the American Chamber of Commerce, Ireland. The 2018 Awards will recognise excellence in research innovation, creation and invention by an organisation, as a result of US Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Ireland. These awards acknowledge exemplary ideas, originating in Irish organisations, and underpinned by innovative research, that have a strong social and/or economic impact. There are awards in a number of categories and applications are invited from. The Irish (island of Ireland) operations of a US headquartered and controlled multinational Company.

A Higher Education Institution (HEI) Research Centre or institute based on the island of Ireland with links to the US corporate sector in Ireland. An Irish Micro Enterprise or SME with links to the US corporate sector in Ireland.

The closing date for applications is December 14th 2017 at 17:00

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